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Invisible Bike Helmets

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My spouse casually mentioned the inventors of the invisible bike helmet, thinking that since this was something right up my alley, of course I was the one who originally pointed it out.  Had I done so, there’s no way I would have forgotten it so thoroughly.  An idea so elegant, but so hard to execute properly, that of course my brain would crunch through the implications.

So yes, they’re now available for purchase, from one of the more beautiful websites I’ve seen.  Sadly, the site is broken, in the sense that navigating in any but the most canonical way will generate error messages, but it truly is beautiful.

That may in fact represent the current state of the Hövding itself.  Stylish, elegant, but not for everyone.  It is cited to not work for mopeds, skis, cars, skateboards, or inline skates, which means it probably won’t work for the recumbent I’m considering.  Then again, considering that it costs more than the bike I currently use, even before considering the international shipping costs, I simply cannot justify the expense at this stage of my life.

Fortunately, it’s bound to get cheaper as it becomes more popular.  With time, it should also grow to encompass other activities and modes of transportation, as well.  A larger size is already in the works, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a children’s version someday.

Until then, I can deal with the slight inconvenience of helmet hair, and campaign in some small way for cycle paths safe enough that helmets of any sort become unnecessary.

But mad props to the inventors, who combined two common ideas in a novel way, and followed through to produce something marvelous.  I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish next.


Written by eswald

12 Nov 2013 at 10:25 pm

Posted in Cycling

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