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I’m in the market for a new bike.  My whole life, I’ve been using mostly mountain or racing bikes, because those are the styles that have been popular and therefore available.  However, my back and neck are starting to complain about them.  Where cycling is a more popular mode of transportation, it appears that utility bikes are more common, with an upright posture, long mud guards, and some storage space.  They look a little silly to modern eyes, but that’s because we’re being stupid as a culture.

On the other hand, I might go for some sort of tricycle, with the advantages of extra comfort and stability, with the latter being particularly important on wet or icy roads.  Then again, parking might be a concern, particularly while shopping or at work.  If I really splurge, I could go for a velomobile, with better aerodynamics, some environmental protection, and perhaps increased safety, but at a significant higher price.  How would I lock it up, anyway?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a significant market for second-hand bicycles.  I hadn’t really considered it before coming across plans for an easily repairable shift lever; now that one of mine no longer ratchets when the temperature gets down around freezing, I completely understand the motivation.  Transportation is essential to many jobs, and a good, cheap, easily repairable bicycle makes a world of difference to a significant portion of the population.

So will I donate my current bike?  Maybe.  On the other hand, it might stick around for my children to use when they outgrow their little 16-inch two-wheelers.  As active as they are, they’ll need their own transportation to all sorts of odd stuff as they grow.


Written by eswald

29 Oct 2013 at 9:14 pm

Posted in Cycling, Lifestyle

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