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Memetic Tangents

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A recent internet sensation has independently infected both my office and my home.  It doesn’t grab me as much as it seems to grab everyone else, but I’m intrigued by another video from the same group.  One where a couple get together over a shared interest, then scream and swear their plains for a reasonable life together.  A life not entirely unlike my own.

How much of our media truly portrays reasonable preparations for marriage?  We tend to focus on falling in love, or sometimes on the wedding itself, but the first few months of living together involve all sorts of little negotiations, gestures, and surprises that we don’t always prepare for.  Then again, perhaps having college roommates is a realistic preparation.

Meanwhile, the harsh tone of the video would normally put me off, except that the extreme contrast with its message fascinates me.  I’m probably not alone in enjoying such discord; a relative of mine has commented about a similar discrepancy between the happy tune and depressed lyrics of another piece.


Written by eswald

8 Oct 2013 at 9:29 pm

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