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Creating it Easy

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Bob Ross makes painting look easy.  A stroke or two and a few dabs makes a great tree.  Mountains and clouds appear out of nowhere.

I’m nowhere near that level.  I can barely make something look decent when I have a reference picture.  I’m fortunate to have other solid skills to rely on for a living.  That, though, is no reason to stop.

There are those who would discourage others from persisting at crafts that don’t simply flow from their fingertips.  There are others who want the whole world to feel the joy that comes to them as they create.  I fall somewhere in between, mostly from not caring what anyone else does.  I appreciate the works that I’ve been able to enjoy, in many forms, and wish to contribute something equally lovely in return.  I’m willing to teach in my own limited way, as long as my pupil is willing to learn, but rarely seek opportunities to do so.  I refuse to discourage anyone from taking up a hobby that they might enjoy, as long as it’s not destructive.

I’ve dabbled in music, swimming, archery, creative writing, baking, sewing, whittling, metalworking, translating, and gardening.  I’ve picked up many skills that I may never use again.  I would be inclined to learn another as the right opportunity presented itself.  It honestly surprises me to encounter someone who doesn’t enjoy learning.

However, I’m disinclined to press on when repeated honest attempts yield utter failure.  I can be discouraged like anyone else, and prefer to focus on skills that come easily.  I need very little incentive to write a program or play a game.  Writing and painting I might consider second-tier skills, which is probably why I’ve dedicated one day a week to each.  In time, one or both may well prove valuable to me.

Meanwhile, I have a friend who needs a new hobby.  Something that can fit around a full-time job and a gaggle of kids.  We’ve been apart long enough that I have no idea what to suggest.  But good luck, no matter what you choose.


Written by eswald

10 Sep 2013 at 9:44 pm

Posted in Lifestyle

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