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Painting Habits

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I’ve posted nearly every Tuesday for more than two years now.  At this point, it feels like a habit.  I may not be a better writer, and I certainly haven’t followed through with certain grand plans, but weekly writing is now a part of my life.

With that in mind, I recently decided to draw or paint something at least once a week.  Perhaps I got caught up by a certain artist’s fandom.  Perhaps I thought it would be relaxing.  Perhaps a certain scene is still trying to work its way out of my head.  At any rate, I told my spouse, and the kids overheard, so now it’s happening.

The first week didn’t go so well.  Along with the art kit, I pulled out the watercolor paper with my last set of paintings.  They were worse than I remembered.  My new experiments with watercolor pencils weren’t much better, even when I tried to use the oval trick described by every “how to draw” page I’ve ever seen.  At least my four-year-old was able to recognize a horse.

With that in mind, the second week was a struggle to even start.  Fortunately, there was a convenient chunk of time wherein I needed to entertain exactly one child.  Even more fortunately, the snake book on our table offered an idea.

It turns out that snakes are hard to draw, particularly when working from a close-up of one with very little patterning.  After perhaps a third of the little red scales, my hand started to cramp, so I opened a new book and started work on the first appealing thing I saw.  That turned out to be a tucuxi, a type of dolphin found in the Amazon River basin.


Written by eswald

23 Jul 2013 at 7:03 pm

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