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Color Selections

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This has been annoying me lately. Which one is selected? With only two options on the screen, it’s impossible to tell, because the only difference is in the color. And I’m not even significantly color-blind; how many people wouldn’t even be able to see the difference, much less interpret it correctly?

Worse, such selection screens usually use arrow keys or buttons to change the selection, and frequently wrap from one end to the other. With just two options, that means they swap colors no matter what you do, eliminating the only way to be certain which color means what. Some video games can also accept mouse input, but DVD menus rarely have that luxury.

Seriously, it shouldn’t be that hard to have some sort of arrow pointing to the selected option. After that, color highlighting would be an optional bonus. And no, thickening the lines of a black-and-white drawing doesn’t cut it; I need something obvious.


Written by eswald

21 May 2013 at 9:40 pm

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