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Making Guns Boring

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After mentioning the possibility of a gun training course as a normal part of growing up, I have begun to consider some of the extra potential in that approach.  Could we make such a course so excruciatingly boring that participants don’t want to see a gun again for the rest of their lives?  Alternatively, could we use it as a platform to teach other subjects?

Guns and gun powder have a rich history, dating back to Chinese fireworks.  History full of dates, places, and names that might appear on an exam.  That could go a long way toward making the class dreaded by those of us who have serious trouble memorizing.

Speaking of memorization, how many types of guns and ammunition can you name?  How many can we reasonably expect a high school student to recognize from a photograph?  Matching each gun with its projectile could be made easier by splitting them into groups.

The formula for a basic black powder could be valuable if you ever travel back in time.  Until then, it can serve as an introduction to chemistry, and potentially discourage some lethal experimentation.  Part of your grade could depend on how well you recognize the components from a set of several substances.

Ballistic trajectories are basic physics, with more advanced students able to add air resistance to the equation.  Kickback and penetration depth are also great examples of reaction force and kinetic energy.  For extra credit, calculate how far away you can kill someone by shooting nearly straight up.

For a more hands-on activity, we could make the students disassemble a weapon, name each piece, clean it, and reassemble.  Proper care and storage should be taught along with safe handling techniques.

Finally, students can practice firing paintball guns, cannons, and/or arrows.  Real rifles and pistols are best left for smaller groups with very careful supervision, even if they’re loaded with blanks.


Written by eswald

9 Apr 2013 at 9:13 pm

Posted in Lifestyle, Politics

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