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I seem to have discovered Spearbreakers just in time for it to start wrapping up. I greatly admire its authors, who have produced an amazing storyline very nearly out of thin air. I might have liked to participate, but it feels awkward to jump in at this point. I’m also unsure of my own skills in the storycrafting department.

I’ve tried to write a few things. My third-grade “book” contains something that could be construed as a Portal reference. I’ve written a pair of poems on themes that I no longer endorse. Somewhere, I have a half-finished short story that relates to a friend’s unpublished novel. I have even written the first chapter of a book that I never care to finish.

Perhaps I’m just not that creative. I’m great at solving problems, but given an open canvas I no longer know what to do. Perhaps Dwarf Fortress inspires people by providing structure, stories, and details that are relatively easy to flesh out into something better.

With that in mind, I’m tempted to start a new fortress with an eye to the story. I’m even willing to nickname dwarfs after my readers. I worry, however, that I’ll get distracted in the middle again; I tend to go through stints of obsession with a game, rarely lasting more than a month at a time. On the other hand, I’ve come back to this one, and a purpose might keep it going. I just might be able to take a fortress to a fitting end, instead of abandoning to boredom or killing everyone within the first two years.

With that caveat, I leave it up to you. Who wants to hear stories from Xah Artuk, The Dimension of Tempests?


Written by eswald

2 Apr 2013 at 11:08 pm

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