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Musing on Relationships

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A local radio station has been playing Madness lately, and it started to make me think.  I’ve had a relationship like that; it lasted off and on for two years, and wasn’t truly over for a year and a half after that.  It was fun, but wasn’t what we truly needed.

My relationship with my spouse is entirely different.  At its core, we trust each other.  We talk to each other, and our expectations have been made clear.  Much of what we actually do is boring, but that works for us.  We prefer stability over drama.  Our parents have provided enough drama for one lifetime.

At one point, a caseworker came to our house to see how the children felt about living with us.  She commented on having seen communication listed as a strength of our relationship, where many others identified it as one of their weaknesses.  That might be one reason they thought we could handle three very active kids.

More recently, I encountered a copy of our friend’s recommendation letter to the same agency.  He wasn’t worried about any children who would stay with us, but did express concern about their effect on our sanity.  And that was before half of his were born.

He was right.

Anyway, sorry, little firecracker, if you ever read this, but it was never meant to be.


Written by eswald

12 Feb 2013 at 7:37 pm

Posted in Lifestyle

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