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The Right Extraction

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At one point, I got annoyed with the sheer number of compression methods used to distribute source code and other packages, so I wrote a simple bash function to collapse the various incantations into a single word:

extract () {
  if [ -f $1 ] ; then
    case $1 in
      *.tar.bz2) tar xvjf $1 ;;
      *.tar.gz) tar xvzf $1 ;;
      *.bz2) bunzip2 $1 ;;
      *.rar) rar x $1 ;;
      *.gz) gunzip $1 ;;
      *.tar) tar xvf $1 ;;
      *.tbz2) tar xvjf $1 ;;
      *.tgz) tar xvzf $1 ;;
      *.zip) unzip $1 ;;
      *.Z) uncompress $1 ;;
      *.7z) 7z x $1 ;;
      *) echo "Don't know how to extract '$1'" ;;
    echo "'$1' is not a valid file!"

For nearly three years, this simple recipe sufficed.  I added lines for .jar and .tar.xz files, and wrapped the logic in a loop over each parameter, but that was it.  I intended to write bash completion for it, and perhaps honor a -q flag to decrease the verbosity, but it worked well enough.

Recently, however, I discovered dtrx, and it’s even better.  It handles even more compression types, it ensures that everything extracts to a single directory, it has a parameter to list the archive contents instead of extracting them, and it’s easier to type.  Most surprisingly, it handles the kind of .zip files that 7-zip creates, with a compression method that the standard unzip command can’t extract.  It requires Python, but that was barely an inconvenience even in a new Linux From Scratch environment.

It could still use a better bash completion method, though.  Maybe I’ll get around to that sometime.


Written by eswald

22 Jan 2013 at 7:00 pm

Posted in Linux, Python, Technology

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