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Happy New Year!

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1 Sunday, 3 Monday, 46 Tuesday, 2 Wednesday, 1 SaturdayIn last year’s first post, I committed to post at least once per week, in terms compatible with a Beeminder graph that had stopped working.  Over that year, I published 53 posts, 46 of them on Tuesdays.

Technically, I maintained a rate of 7 days or less between posts, finishing at a rate of 6.865 days per post.  The saving grace here was Bouncing Back, which really should be considered an extension of the previous post.  Taking that out, my election day post could be considered late; I published it before going to bed on Tuesday night, but it was after midnight.  The longest time between posts was ten days, because my Cheese Soufflé post was three days early.

postrate-2012Overall, I feel like I fulfilled my commitment, but it was close enough that I still feel an obligation to renew it, in some fashion.  This time, Beeminder’s exponential pricing schedule sounds attractive.  First, though, I need to find my account password and wire a WordPress webhook to its API.  I’m also tempted to set up my own blog site, simply to fix a few annoyances; in particular, it would be nice to have better code listings, access to the Google graph API, and non-breaking spaces as the first of a pair instead of the last.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep publishing on Tuesdays, probably even more regularly now that I’ve started to schedule posts for later.  You didn’t think my last post was actually written on Christmas day, did you?


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1 Jan 2013 at 3:34 pm

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