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Midnight Election Thoughts

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Obama seems to have won, despite the best efforts of my neighbors.  I’m hearing everything from cheers to doomsday prophesies, but I’m reasonably certain the sun will rise in the morning.  I don’t expect the next four years to be significantly different from the previous four, or the four before that.

Listening to the speeches, I’m struck with how much the candidates have in common.  Both are grateful for their families and supporters.  Both believe in the country, and in the basic fundamentals of our government.  Both want what they believe is truly best for the future.

In some ways, the rest is superficial.  Yes, marriage equality and health care reform can and will deeply affect the lives of those I care about; yes, my tax bracket determines how many extra-curricular activities my hyperactive children will get to enjoy; yes, decisions made by certain elected officials have huge and nigh-unpredictable effects on the economy, but I and my family get to live in peace and relative prosperity.

Besides, the president is mostly a figurehead.  The office comes with certain power, but most of it is constrained by law, and law is written by Congress.  Campaign promises often involve changing that law, which the president can only do by persuading other elected officials.  Veto power gives them an incentive to listen, but the real key lies in having a single spokesperson that everyone knows, everyone pays attention to, and everyone talks to.

I believe in this country.  I believe we can do great things together.  I believe that the Singularity will come.  But I also believe we still have a long, messy road ahead of us.


Written by eswald

7 Nov 2012 at 12:21 am

Posted in Politics

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