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New and Improved Rainbows

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So Rainbow Rooms didn’t do nearly as well as I would have liked.  One user went so far as to claim I should be disqualified for failing to follow the theme, and for doing no work of my own.  To be fair, half of the work I put in failed to make it into the version I submitted for judging, but I think a good portion of that critic’s problem was a failure to entirely understand the central mechanic.  At certain points, though not always on every early maze, the doors prevent you from going back.  Usually, this means you’re on the right track.

Unfortunately, version 1.0 had a problem where it could trap you in other places, as well.  It also could take forever to generate a new maze; after a certain point, the heat death of the universe might not be enough time.  Both of these issues are fixed in Rainbow Rooms 1.1, now available for download from either my personal server or from the PyWeek site.

While I was at it, I added support for more platforms, including Python 3.  Very few have actually been tested, though; Macintosh in particular is out of range for me.  I also made the switches a bit trickier to find, and figured out how to make the level generator use my special tech.  Look for it on level 6 and above.

Still, I don’t think I’m quite through with it.  I’ve been considering multiplayer (up to four players, in separate corners, interacting only through the door switches), enemies (hidden in the dead ends, and mostly serving to impede your progress), time tracking (each level has its own best and average time scores), and/or joystick support.  If I get really ambitious, I might even remove my dependency on an external library, porting the functions I use directly into Python.

Does anything sound particularly appealing to you?  What should I work on first?


Written by eswald

2 Oct 2012 at 9:32 pm

Posted in Entertainment, Python

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