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Rainbow Rooms

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PyWeek is over, and I didn’t make a dent in the roguelike I had planned.  Instead, I realized while attempting to create a level generator that a simple maze game would be much better for the time allotted.  Fortunately, I was able to use some of my code and ideas from the roguelike exploration.

I ended up calling the new creation Rainbow Rooms, after the colored doors that occasionally block your path back to the start.  Almost all of Saturday was spent creating a level generator that wouldn’t trap you too often.  Much of the rest was spent playing it or watching my family play it.

Since the deadline, I’ve made a few improvements, and a couple of others are planned.  One of them, however, depends on a pair of patches I’ve submitted to libtcod; anyone willing to compile their own library or able to use the Linux versions I’ve compiled will be able to move around by clicking on a visible (and accessible) space or switch.  Sorry, Windows users; you’ll have to wait for version 1.5.2 to be released.

Speaking of releases, I was tempted to release a 1.1 version of Rainbow Rooms today, but I should probably wait until judging is over.  And if you think my entry is good, be sure to try Shunned Survivor, a multiplayer (!) RTS/tower-defense game.  There’s probably another gem in the pack, too; I haven’t tried them all yet, some due to lack of a sufficiently powerful video card.


Written by eswald

18 Sep 2012 at 9:14 pm

Posted in Entertainment, Python

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