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PyWeek Progress

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After my Ludum Dare experience, I decided to try my hand at PyWeek.  Coming in, I had two ideas, depending on the final theme.  For three of them, I would have attempted something resembling interactive fiction with some sort of mystery theme.  Storyboarding would have been crucial, and probably beyond my abilities.

Instead, I get to go with the roguelike that’s been kicking around my brain for a few years.  Some of its flavor, once I get that far, will be inspired by To Boldly Go, a multi-player space exploration game I played in college.  Yes, that sounds like an odd pairing, but I think I can pull it off.

What I’m starting to doubt is my ability to do so within a week.  Particularly this week, given that it started out with two social occasions, and I’m barely at step 4 of 15 in The Sheep’s roadmap.  I have yet to get walls working.

I also need to decide whether to stick with curses, or switch to libtcod, which has all sorts of useful utilities for a roguelike, and will certainly be convenient for porting to Windows.  It will also make it possible to display favour with the Old Ones as a set of colored circles, with brightness indicating the value.  A scrolling message window might be more difficult, though.


Written by eswald

11 Sep 2012 at 9:06 pm

Posted in Python, Technology

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