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Paint By Evolution

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At one point, I wanted to join the Ludum Dare.  Unfortunately, the registration emails never came.  (It’s possible that my name registrar was on the fritz at the time.)  On top of that, my three-year-old developed strep, and I haven’t been feeling that great this weekend, so I wasn’t sure I would do anything.  However, lying awake with a sick child yielded an idea.

Painting by evolution turned out to be less a game than a toy, and a bit less fun than I expected.  There are four paintings on the screen, and when you click on one, it gets replaced by some combination of the other three.  The hope was that eventually you would be able to prune the randomness into something worth saving.

The frustrating part is that you don’t get to select features to keep.  Careful gardening can help keep a small block of color on at least a few of the screens, but it doesn’t grow very well.  Frequent pruning is required to keep the paintings reasonably in sync; otherwise, any new painting ends up looking like static.

If I keep working on it, I could add a variable mutation rate, doubling as a more visible sign of the pause state, a way to save paintings to a file, probably a form of auto-save and reload, and possibly better backgrounds.

Given that it’s not an official Dare entry, I don’t feel too bad about using clip art for the picture frames.


Written by eswald

26 Aug 2012 at 5:51 pm

Posted in Entertainment, Python

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