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Razorpacked Tour

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A new version of Dwarf Fortress was released on Valentine’s Day.  I was a bit slow to notice, but have almost entirely ignored my feed reader since then.  A small vacation contributed to that, but even more of my time has been spent both playing it and reading some of the amazing stories from the community.

The new version feels much the same, so I was able to get into fortress mode immediately.  I’m currently playing Razorpacked on v0.34.04, because .05 has a minor savefile incompatibility that I don’t feel like dealing with right now.

So far, everything is packed into what I originally intended as a honeymoon suite, where a single family of dwarves could stay to survive anything that would happen to the main fort.  So far, it has done quite well for itself, while the main fort doesn’t even have a complete entrance yet.  Granted, that’s probably due to over-engineering the entrance defenses.

Meanwhile, let’s start something of a tour, shall we?  We first enter the honeymoon suite on the airlock level.  Right off the bat, we see the traps that are starting to let Razorpacked earn its name, full of serrated glass discs.  The green ones in the middle are cage traps, just in case I can catch something nice.  Rutile and rock salt drawbridges define the airlock itself, but neither has yet been closed.

In the northeast you see the hospital, used thus far by a single patient (whose blood you see on the wall at the north).  A waxworker out hauling logs, he had discovered a kobold thief and got an iron dagger in the leg for his trouble.  He’s still using a crutch to walk, and seems to have an infection, but is otherwise doing fine.  I just hope his wife and children don’t complain too much when he dies…

In the southwest, you see the trading post open to the airlock.  The hope is that I can lure traders to safety without endangering my own dwarves, when the time comes.  It might not, though; this world seems to have killed off all goblin civilizations.  Southeast lie the unused military training room and barracks.

In the south, behind the second bridge, we have the central staircase, with its guard dog in the center.  Behind that is the expedition leader’s office, containing the most boring artifact I have yet seen produced.

Salarziksis, "Adoredsplit", a lead table

Going up, we have the farm level.  This part of the world has only a single level of soil, so I’m making the most of it.  I’m growing cave wheat and plump helmets to the west, sweet pods and plump helmets to the north, and quarry bushes, pig tails, and dimple cups to the east.  Heading south, we see the sheep pastured on cave moss and floor fungus, with a few other animals mixed in.

The far south holds the sand collection zone, with a small staircase down to the glass furnace.  The metal industry is also down there, mostly because the space was already mined out when Zulban needed to forge Adoredsplit.

Sometime, I’ll have to train that bear for war.  He and the giant tick were purchased from an elf caravan.  If the giant tick can be trained, that will probably spare him from the butchers; the grazers taking sheep pens will have no such luck, in the end.

The butcher shop is located with other food production workshops, right below the airlock level.  The kitchen is nestled between the nest boxes for our poultry, which in turn share space with the kitten cages.

The farmer’s workshop is currently used for milking, shearing, and plant processing, but unprocessed pig tails and sweet pods seem to be taking over its storage space at the moment.  Sadly, the sweet pods seem to require an actual barrel, instead of the rock pots I have in surplus.

The still has grown quite a bit of storage space, mostly to keep the farms and workshops clear.  If necessary, I can probably steal some space from the fishery; it almost never has any raw fish stored.

Moving on down, we have the dining area, with freshly expanded booze and prepared meal storage rooms.  This level also has the manager’s office and several puppies.  The outpost liason seems to have taken a wrong turn, but is simply following the expedition leader to take a drink.

The staircase here surrounds the lever to the inner airlock bridge. The hope is that it will be immediately accessible to someone in the event of an emergency, and far enough away from the bridge itself to be useful.

In the southeast, you can see the smelter, surrounded by ore. It’s not used at the moment, mainly because we have enough fuel trouble simply running the glassworks.

This next level is responsible for turning wood, leather, bones, and gems into useful products. The second craftsdwarf’s workshop was added when mussel shells and horns started taking over the storage space of the first, which had been dedicated to bone crossbow bolts. Sadly, a couple of our largest bone stacks were recently used up in the making of Konadutir Atolisos.

In the center, you see one of Urdim Kolsefol’s masterwork porcelain statues, keeping morale high. This particular one relates to the founding of Razorpacked in early 251. Let’s take a break here, before continuing our journey into the depths.


Written by eswald

20 Mar 2012 at 11:27 pm

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