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I was offered a few Empire apples this week.  They were billed as similar to Braeburn, but a little more tart.  In this I was not disappointed; either variety could easily be my second favorite, though Braeburn might still have a slight edge for lacking the acid aftertaste that makes me crave something heavier.  In that respect, the Empire reminds me of Fuji apples, but sweeter.

My absolute favorite, at least so far, remains the Cameo.  I’m surprised, then, that the Cameo owes its heritage partly to the Red Delicious, my least favorite of the apples popular enough to have come my way.  It must be the influence of the Golden Delicious on its firmness and flavor.

I have a friend who once tried to convince me that Red Delicious were the best apples of all.  They certainly seem to be the most popular.  I still can’t understand it; they simply seem mushy to me, and the red veins inside aren’t appetizing.  In my poorer days, I was happy enough with the Gala apples that were just as cheap, but I’ve become a bit more discriminating with increased budget.  Sadly, the kid-related expenses may curtail future experimentation.


Written by eswald

1 Nov 2011 at 9:10 pm

Posted in Food

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