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Replacing the solver

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So the problem that broke GLPK has yielded to another solver.  My main delay was that the documentation isn’t exactly clear about what exactly to install, particularly on Linux, for the other available solvers.

The PuLP home page mentioned COIN, which seems to be a closely related project, so I thought I would at least try it.  Of the relevant-looking PyPI entries, the most obvious didn’t install.  Ubuntu had a whole list of coinor packages, so I installed the one that didn’t start with lib or end with -dev, -doc, or -dbg.  It didn’t work.

It did, however, point me to the right place, by complaining about a missing cbc command.  Yet again, I can thank the command-not-found package for letting me know exactly what I needed from that point.  And wonder of wonders, my problem gets solved in less than a second.

So, now I know that AB>CD>BC can be solved for any of the four winners, for either plurality or the Borda count.  Now I just have to remember why I wanted to know that.  Or perhaps it will suffice to run it over all twenty-six thousand permutations, and see what comes up.

And whether anything else breaks.


Written by eswald

16 Aug 2011 at 10:08 pm

Posted in Technology

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