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Quick DS Game Reviews

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While visiting Legoland, my companion discovered that the Lego video games are quite a bit of fun, and wanted to purchase some.  However, we at the time lacked a supported platform for them.  Sure, we could buy the Windows ones in the hopes that they’d run under Wine, but there was always the chance that we would just be throwing away money in exchange for frustration.  So, when our tax refund came, we decided to try a Nintendo 3DS.  It has since become a major time and money sink for us, but at least it’s enjoyable.

Cats and Dogs

Honestly, this was the main reason for the 3DS over the larger DSi XL, mostly for the kids.  Our two-year-old loves it, asking to play nearly every day.  The others enjoy it, too, and my companion bought an extra copy just to win all of the competitions.  I sometimes play “flying disc” at the park, but it doesn’t really grab me.

Lego Ninjago

So the four-year-old is into Ninjas right now, but this was a mistake.  Even worse, it was the first Lego game we played.  After running through the others, it’s a bit more understandable, but we’ve still barely done any of it.  It’s trying to be a real-time strategy game, but the the platform roots bleed through.  And the controls are terrible.

Lego Indiana Jones

Quite a bit of fun, as a light puzzle/platformer.  Just about easy enough for the five-year-old, but the four-year-old keeps asking to go to a different “island” after getting frustrated.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

The 3D visuals are a cute touch, but really don’t contribute enough to make up for the head and hand ache.  Beyond that, it’s Lego Indiana Jones with different character abilities, two fewer levels, long load times, and almost no subgames.  Jack’s drunken walk is amusing for perhaps the first half of the game, but gets old.

Lego Star Wars (episodes I-VI)

Almost exactly a re-themed Indiana Jones, down to “fruit baskets” in place of the map fragments, and the same bug with selecting a team for free play.  Almost twice as many levels, though, and all of your favorite characters.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Backstory: I played about half of the original, before moving out of the house.  When I came back, it was gone, and has haunted me ever since.  When I heard about the remake, I had to have it, as long as it was sufficiently similar.  With the touch screen and motion controls, game play is even better, and everything I can remember about the content is exactly the same.  This, above all else, makes me glad we settled on the 3DS, even before I knew that I would need it.


Written by eswald

5 Jul 2011 at 9:37 pm

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