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My Diaphragm Aches

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When the sign-up sheet for flu shots came around last fall, I didn’t see the point.  I wasn’t alone in that; at least half of the tech team decided that they weren’t worthwhile: they don’t last that long, and they only protect against a few strains.  Sure, those are projected to be the most widespread strains, but distributing the vaccine itself has to affect that status, doesn’t it?

Now, several months later, I understand.

I have been sick more often in the intervening months than in the previous few years, which I attribute to the arrival of a few germ factories into the home.  I encounter more pathogens in my daily activities then I have for a very long time, and my immune system hasn’t yet adjusted.  This week, though, takes the cake.

Whether it’s really the flu, I don’t know.  I could find out, perhaps, but I’m reasonably certain that it’s viral, so a trip to the doctor would otherwise be worthless.  Whether it’s even a single infection is up for debate; my worst days were Saturday, Tuesday, and Friday, with two reasonably good days between each.  It really doesn’t matter to me now; what matters is that my throat is raw, my nose is chapped, and my diaphragm aches.

That last one is a new experience.  Maybe I’ve had it before, but long enough ago to have forgotten.  Between all of the coughing and nose-blowing, a muscle that shouldn’t ever hurt now does.  Inflating a couple of balloons probably didn’t help, either.  Fortunately, it’s not serious, but it’s a reminder that I’ve been sick for far too long, and that far too much gunk has been coming out of my sinuses; this is no common cold.

If this is the flu, then maybe the pain of a shot would have prevented a week of congestion.  Maybe an hour of waiting would have allowed me an extra two days of vacation time.  Maybe the $12 I saved was wasted on medication.  Then again, maybe this is a strain that wouldn’t have been mitigated.

Next fall, I think I’ll take the gamble.


Written by eswald

25 Apr 2011 at 4:44 pm

Posted in Lifestyle

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