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Random Bathroom Idea

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One of the unfortunate choices of bathroom design, particularly in a corporate environment, is whether to use an extra switch for the fan, or to have it on the same switch as the lights.  With the single-switch option, the fan is frequently on when it doesn’t need to be, annoying the occupant.  So are the lights, if the occupant was polite enough to leave the fan on to alleviate the smell.  With either option, the fan can be left off when it needs to be on, though this is less prevalent with the single-switch option.

I have seen a third choice, using a timer for the fan.  That eliminates half of the user intervention required by the double-switch option, but the wrong half.  It completely fails to solve the problem of users who simply don’t think to turn on the fan when they should.

Instead, it would be very nice to see a fan turn itself on when it’s needed.  It should be possible to develop the proper sensors for stench and/or moisture, right?


Written by eswald

15 Dec 2008 at 10:21 am

Posted in Technology

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