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Better than the book

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I’ve been hearing that the Twilight movie is probably better than the book it’s based on.  Given that the book is reputed to have a cute story with too many corny details, I can see how an adaptation could filter out the corniness and stick to the good parts.  Every once in a while, the movie version ends up far superior.  On the other hand, I fail to recall enough examples to fill out a top ten list…

4) Stardust: I personally felt like the movie was the better of the two, though each had its corny moments.  It mostly made the list by virtue of having been both recently watched and read.

3) Lord of the Rings: Tolkein’s original trilogy is a classic for many reasons, but includes far too much historical detail, far too many new words and names, far too many songs without music, and far too much post-climactic resolution for the modern reader.  The movie format is just what it needed to come back into mainstream consciousness.

2) The Princess Bride: I have to admit that the book is hilarious, but it doesn’t even approach the movie in quality or popularity.  I wasn’t even aware of the book before a chance comment by someone who had read it.  My only regret is that the movie fails to show Humperdinck proposing to Buttercup.

1) Sahara: After slogging through the book, I am not surprised to have found it in a thrift store.  Every character is super-human, the ironclad warship is an afterthought with zero plot relevance, humor is almost nonexistent, the love interest is a vapid moron, and the overall tone is dark.  The movie completely transforms the tone, the plot, and the characters into something exciting and fun.  Whether or not the movie measures up to the others on this list, the fact that it was derived from such an abysmal book will make it hard to dislodge from the number one spot.


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20 Nov 2008 at 10:35 am

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