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My votes 2008

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I hadn’t ever voted before this year, mostly due to lack of an opinion on the issues, which itself was probably from sheer laziness.  This year, however, I have been noticing some political discussion among programmers and co-workers, so I feel a bit more informed.  On top of that, I learned how to apply for an absentee ballot, which turns the process into an open-book test.

I just filled it out, and decided to record my votes here.  I’m all for private voting as a means to avoid public pressure on an individual to follow the masses despite personal reservations, but I personally don’t feel such pressure.  I will, however, accept reasonable criticism to teach me how to vote better in the future.

My votes for Precinct 14 of Utah County, Utah:

Obama – McCain seems to be surrounding himself with corruption, and I support Obama’s stance a bit more on important issues.  There are other candidates more in line with my personal beliefs, but none of them have even a chance of winning.  I really would prefer a ranked voting system.

Chaffetz – Spencer doesn’t distinguish himself on issues, but seems a bit more crazy.  Chaffetz at least runs a clean campaign.

Hatfield – She has definitely racked up some impressive service hours, while Bramble has been corrupted by that energy company.

Shurtleff – I could go either way here; Hill seems a bit more accessible, but also goes after more government officials.  She opposes vouchers, which contribute to a significant portion of my income, while he opposes monopolistic practices and predators.

Ellis – Clark failed to provide a website, and doesn’t seem to know who he’s running against.  Ellis has been doing good things, as far as I can tell.

Johnson – Looks like he’s doing a good job.  22 years in HR of a credit union isn’t enough to sway me.

Petersen – I support his issues.  Lockhart seems okay, though.

Ellertson – If nobody complains enough to run against him, he can’t be that bad.

Bateman – Seems more qualified, and a bit more verbose.

Judge retention – No on anyone with too many results less than 90% on the questions listed in the voting booklet, just to keep things interesting.

Constitutional amendments – Yes on A-D, because they didn’t seem controversial at all.  No on E: At this time, having stocks in the portfolio could have been bad, and we don’t need education to take a hit during recessions.  In addition, I’m not sure which companies would receive the investments, and there are some I would rather not fund with public money.


Written by eswald

1 Nov 2008 at 3:28 pm

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