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Disappointment Warp

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My beloved companion introduced me to MythBusters when we were first dating, after having followed it from the beginning.  Now we make it a point to see new episodes whenever we have cable.  Recently, we’ve been seeing commercials for a new show called Time Warp, in which the main gimmick is filming things with ultra-high-speed cameras, and replaying at various speeds.  I was interested, but had to endure a small rant about how it looked light on actual science.

The debut, unfortunately, was just boring enough to justify the rant.  I was still interested enough to watch through the whole thing, but it still lacks something as a show.  Each episode seems to consist of three or four disconnected pieces, with a few seconds of science and perhaps five minutes of slow-motion wow factor sandwiched between ten minutes of slightly dull talking.  Early in the first episode, I also got annoyed by a clip that was cut off just before the good part, probably to heighten suspense.

All in all, a show that I would watch again, but wouldn’t wait all week for.


Written by eswald

16 Oct 2008 at 11:56 am

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