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Excuses to be less lazy

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Perhaps it was the random link to “Where is Bob?” I was sent yesterday, but I found myself thinking about excuses on the way to work this morning.  Oddly enough, though, my most recent “excuses” have often resulted in more work for myself, at least physically.

  • I used to cycle to work “because I don’t have a car.”  What that doesn’t explain is why it took me so long to get one, even after having enough to pay for it with cash, twice over.
  • Now I cycle to work “because gas prices are so high.”  In truth, I think it’s just because I enjoy cycling.
  • I walk up and down four flights of stairs “because elevators make me lose my balance.”  Or at least they did several years ago; it’s been a while since I tested that.

So should I stop making excuses and just get in line with everyone else?  Or is it a good thing that I still get at least some exercise every day?  Granted, these can’t be the only excuses I make; in all likelihood, they’re just the ones I let myself think about because they cast me in a good light.


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23 Sep 2008 at 9:18 am

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