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I failed to write anything on Monday, despite having been notified about blog action day. However, I have often heard one suggestion that may not immediately occur to many people: Eat less meat and dairy.

This wouldn’t have been an issue back in the days of simple farms, where the cow is slaughtered after a full life of giving milk for the family. Unfortunately, what we have now is a massive society of people eating five to ten times as much meat as they need each day, which has given rise to giant factory farms. These factories stuff animals in as small a space as possible, often in unsanitary conditions. Some of the resulting excrement is sold as fertilizer, but far too much is dumped on fields close to the farm itself. In addition to causing a nasty smell, it runs off into streams and oceans, disrupting their ecosystems. And don’t even try to tell me that bird flu would have become such a problem before we started keeping thousands of chickens in shoe-box-sized cages.

Consider as well the total energy cost of raising an animal, versus the equivalent nutritional value of beans and grain. Would the energy crisis be as great if we weren’t wasting so much on feed grain and refrigerated transport, just to produce more protein and fat than we really need?

Unfortunately, this will be an unpopular opinion. Meat is tasty, and the agricultural industry advertises and lobbies heavily to keep their profits up. But you can do it. Easily.


Written by eswald

19 Oct 2007 at 8:56 am

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