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When I got married, the biggest surprise was how often my spouse would break into political rants. And environmental rants. And rants about the various other stupidities of the human race, Americans in particular.

Granted, I knew I was marrying a vegetarian. I knew I was marrying a former English major who continues to read literature and non-fiction for fun. I knew that was marrying one who could not step into a bookstore without carrying out something new. What I did not know was that every new book would bring a series of new rants.

The worst part was, these were good arguments, but I couldn’t do a thing about most of them. The world needed to hear them. So I mentioned blogging. When that failed to spur any action, I commented that I might start recording our conversations and blogging them myself. The response: “Just don’t tell me about it.”

So here I am, months later, still without a single recording, writing my first blog post. I expect that at some point, I will write about some of our actual minority opinions, but at this point, all I really want is the OpenID.


Written by eswald

5 Sep 2007 at 4:30 pm

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